Create Better Content 

Create Better Content provides services and digital products to help service providers get the clients of their dreams through compelling and authentic content. The mission is to help you create content with ease while remaining true to yourself.

Create Better Content Intensive

The Create Better Content Intensive is a 6 week 1-on-1 program through guided weekly sessions.


Create Better Content Plan

 A 1-hour consultation to gain the clarity you need to create better content consistently.




"Nia did a great job at breaking down the thoughts I was unable to fully put into words myself. I've gained SO MUCH in this one SHORT COURSE, and I can only imagine what her FULL COACHING PROGRAMS are like!

Hi, I'm Nia.

Content Strategist and Content Creator

I'm passionate about helping mission focused creative entrepreneurs and small businesses create strategic content. I've been creating content for over 10 years. I've created countless hours of strategic content for blogs, YouTube, podcasts and social media. 

I went from running an online destination for millennial women making their dreams a reality for 4 years to working in my zone of genius of creating strategic content for women to change the world with their businesses and brands.

I’ve worked with dozens of women in industries like beauty, empowerment, fashion, coaching and more!